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Requesting a book

You can use the form below to request for books to be ordered by the East Asian Library. Both staff members and students of the Japanese, Chinese and Korean department can request for books. After having filled out and submitted the form, the librarian will decide whether or not the book is going to be ordered. If the book will be ordered, it will, after delivery, be available in the East Asian Library for loan.

In order to process your request as good as possible, it is necessary that the form is filled out as completely as possible! Entering the correct subject code (also called Harvard Yenching code), for example, might benefit your request. Click on the word 'subject code' in the form to go to the subject code search engine. When you really can't find out which would be the proper HY-code, we ask you to at least give a description of the subject of the book. Please refer to the FAQ for an explanation of the various fields in the form.

Required fields are marked with an *. Furthermore, either a subject code (**) OR a description of the book (**) has to be entered (of course, you're more than welcome to enter both).

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Requesting a book
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